We strive for a brighter, more sustainable future, and it is our mission to be fair and ethical in all aspects of our business. For this purpose, labor laws and human rights are among our priorities in our workshops where we produce our clothes.

We strive to reduce the use of production processes that pollute the environment by taking care to use natural fabrics. Instead of having new fabric produced, garment factories’ roll end; We take the remaining fabrics. This is how we create our collections.

We try to offer conscious collections by manufacturing our designs in limited editions and mostly in one size. While focusing on premium quality and thoughtful manufacturing, our goal is to create long-lasting pieces that you will always love to wear.


At Chillax, we don’t like to see a single piece of fabric go to waste. Our experienced cutting masters place molds on fabric to minimize waste. However, when unavoidable, we take all our fabric waste from our workshops and turn them into values ​​that enable us to upcycle. The mother of our founders support us by sewing scrunchies, short blouses and shorts from the remaining fabrics at home. We collect very small leftovers to make rugs by knotting.


We work with our two workshops that make our designs come true and our family that supports home production. We are in close contact with our workshop and fabric supplier and are in contact almost every day. It is our priority to ensure that our employees have a safe working environment and receive a sustainable living wage.


We choose materials suitable for recycling, from the brand’s label to the composition label.

In order to end the consumption of plastic bags with your orders, we send large cotton, washable cloth bags as gifts.

We always continue to look for sustainable alternatives in labeling and packaging.


We are committed to producing quality clothing and strive to minimize our environmental footprint. We would like to share with you our suggestions that can help extend the life of your clothes.

– You can use organic, herbal detergents while washing your clothes.

– You can hand wash your clothes in cold water. It reduces the damage to our environment and extends the life of the garment.

-We recommend that you do not use a tumble dryer to prevent delicate laundry from fading and stretching. You can air dry your clothes flat in the shade.

– There is no need to wash the clothing after each use. You can air it outdoors. Thus, you reduce your water consumption.

– You can straighten it by hanging it instead of ironing it or by exposing it to steam while taking a bath.


Be willing to assess when the seasons pass and you notice that you are not wearing your clothes, or when you think they do not fit as well as before. You can donate your clothes to someone in need, to institutions or sell them in second-hand apps and give that garment a new life. Clothes you no longer wear can be indispensable for someone else. Just take care that what you give must be in clean and good condition, and remember that everything you give comes back to you as a favor;)

When your clothes cannot be repaired and cannot be worn anymore, we recommend that you also consider giving them a new chance to use. If you have manual skills, you can definitely turn your outfit into a beautiful object. For example, you can use your own creativity by putting the pillowcase or nature patterned fabrics in the frame. If your dress or kimono you bought from Chillax is long, you can shorten it and create a new model for yourself. One option is to take the clothes to the companies that collect them for recycling.

The simplest and most economical way of not harming the environment is to inform ourselves. Without knowing it, we may often prefer things that really hurt us. Being aware of what we buy, what materials are made of, where it is produced, and what the social and environmental commitment of the brands we shop for is the best way to contribute to the maintenance and protection of our planet.

As our gift for a sustainable planet, we donate saplings at your first order and send a cotton Chillax shopping bag with each order.

Thank you for supporting fashion conscious and being our ambassador! <3