Chillax, based in Turkey with a clear vision by Figen Çeken Bayraktar and Güvenç Bayraktar is a slow fashion brand.

Being physically and mentally relax, enjoying every moment of life we adopt taking as a lifestyle. Thus, we create designs that make your body feel comfortable all day and at the same time add originality to the style. We are inspired by the environments we enjoy, cities, cultures and most of all, nature…

Instead of trends, we create pieces suitable for all seasons and that can be worn with love for years. We prioritize natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose and linen, which remain in the stocks of the factories, and create our clothes in environmentally friendly and ethical conditions.

Knowing that you have acquired an item that very few people have is something we believe to be truly special. We care that every piece we produce is unique for you and involves human effort. 

We are aware of the negative social and environmental impacts that the fashion industry can have and We strive endlessly to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize sustainability. Fashion businesses should play a role in designing the best version of the future. For those who want to live a sustainable life, we will continue to create a positive change with our brand and raise awareness as much as we can in this process.