Deadstock Fabric & Zero Waste 

Deadstock fabrics are fabrics that ordered by fashion companies yet not use due to cancellations in production or have minor faults and are waiting to be discarded.
The reason we prefer deadstock fabrics is that they are an excellent sustainable choice. Since they do not go through production processes that will consume resources and instead of being wasted deadstock fabrics turn into clothes.
We don’t want a single piece of fabric to be wasted. Our experienced tailors aims to minimize the waste by placing patterns in an optimal way. However, when it is unavoidable, we take all our fabric waste from our workshops and upcycle them into new items like scrunchies, tops, shorts etc.
All of our fabrics go through quality control. If we see a small fault in our fabrics which will not prevent usage, we still give them a chance and let them meet you at a discounted price.