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We came to make you forget boring styles and models. You can now original and comfortable style from vivid colors and patterns consisting. Shirt designs inspired by the comfort of our kimonos are comfy cut. Leave the classic shirt models aside and get caught up in the elegance of the butterfly collar design. This model, which gradually entered our lives with the introduction of pajamas, started to become a trend in the world. We have not neglected to include animal patterns such as leopard and zebra, polka dot and even fruit patterns into our collection. So where and how can you wear these cotton viscose shirts?

The better you go to work feeling better, the more successful and happy you will be. Therefore, Chillax shirts will be among the favorites in office style. You can combine your shirt with a pencil skirt or fabric pants. Since it leaves the decollete open, it will complement the scarf style suitable for an elegant necklace or pattern. You can combine it with casual skinny trousers, flared skirts and jeans. Your choice of shoes is unlimited; sneaker, boots, boots or flat shoes … The choice is up to your imagination. You can create a different rockchic atmosphere with a leather or denim jacket you wear when going out at night. Remember that you can do more than one combination with one shirt. This is versatile shirt. Follow us on Instagram, share with us with #Chillaxwoman hashtag, inspire our followers. Thank you for supporting slow fashion and local brands.