About Us

We are a family business that believes women should not have to choose between fashion and our future.
The philosophy behind our brand is to enjoy every moment of life; while being comfortable both physically and mentally. That is the reason why we called our brand Chillax.
We are inspired by the environments we enjoy; cities, cultures, and most of all, nature. That’s why we prefer fabrics and models which will make you feel comfortable and energetic all day.
A lot of clothes are created for trends these days, but thrown away after a few wears. Therefore the water, electricity and human labor spent on the production of clothes are also wasted. Our mission is to build a sustainable future where we live in harmony with nature. That’s why we create chic and comfortable pieces that you can wear again and again, with fair, ethical and slow manufacturing.
We prefer deadstock fabrics for our clothes so we do not go through any fabric production process which consumes new resources. This allows us to give a new life to a pre-existing fabric and keep it away from the landfills. We produce limited edition collections under sustainable and ethical conditions with natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose and linen.
Like every person, our clothes are unique. Every cut, stitching and fastening is meticulously handmade. We create clothing that you can wear any day of the week. We hope our versatile pieces will always make you feel pleasant and comfortable.
We are an environmentally friendly slow fashion brand with our ethical production practices and packaging; which is made of recyclable materials.
We will continue to create positive change with our brand for those who want to live a sustainable life and we will try to raise awareness as much as we can in this process.


Figen Ceken Bayraktar & Guvenc Bayraktar