We are working for a brighter, more sustainable future and it is our mission to be fair and ethical in every aspect of our business.

With our vision of producing by protecting nature and our future, we are constantly taking steps to improve our environmental and ethical processes to be as sustainable as possible. We wanted to make these steps an important part of our brand and at the same time provide transparency by sharing them with you. We prefer to get as much information as possible before investing in a product or a company. That’s why we share this information for people like us who want to know everything.

Our Products

We work closely with a workshop that brings our locally produced designs to life, supporting women collaborators in home-based production. Collaborating closely with the modelist, we refine the patterns of our products, while their partner undertakes the sewing and cutting duties.  While preparing our collections, we maintain constant communication via phone and visit the workshop at least two days per week. Ensuring a safe working environment for vendors and guaranteeing a sustainable living wage is our priority. To achieve this, we pay our workshop partner what they request in return for their labor, exceeding the sustainable living wage according to Turkey’s standards. Unlike the common practice in Turkey, we make our payments in cash rather than through checks to cash out at a future date. 
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Maintaining close contact with our artisans and fabric suppliers is fundamental to our ethos. Approximately 90% of our collections feature deadstock fabrics from garment factories, reducing environmental impact. We strive to minimize the use of production processes that pollute the environment by opting for natural fabrics. Our products exclusively feature natural, breathable materials such as viscose, linen, and Oeko-Tex certified and organic cotton, all sourced from Turkey.
Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability extends to our products being completely vegan. We avoid sourcing any fibers, fabrics, or trims from animal fur or hide. Each piece is crafted with care, ensuring limited and meticulously produced items that resonate with our values and those of our customers.


Limited Edition

We create designs that can be worn for years, can be combined in different ways, and allow you to create a maximum number of looks with minimum pieces, minimizing excessive consumption and waste. Each design is produced in limited quantities. At Chillax, we dislike seeing even a single piece of fabric going to waste. Our skilled cutting masters place the patterns on the fabric in a way that minimizes waste. However, when it’s inevitable, we collect all fabric scraps from our workshops and transform them into valuable resources through recycling. The mother of our founders supports us by producing hair ties, short blouses, and shorts from the leftover fabrics through home-based production. Hats, bags, jewelry, and crocheted items are 100% handmade by our women collaborators who engage in home-based production without the use of machines.

Sustainable Tags / Packaging

We choose recyclable cotton materials for our brand labels and composition labels.

We ship clothing orders in custom-made 100% cotton tote bags. We give this bag as a gift to eliminate the use of plastic bags for shopping and grocery purposes (it can also be used as a perfect beach bag). If you cannot use the bag, you can let us know in the checkout notes.

We ship our packages using locally produced recyclable kraft packaging.


We have dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality garments and minimizing our environmental footprint. We would like to share some tips with you to help extend the lifespan of your clothes:

  • Use organic, plant-based detergents when washing your clothes.
  • Hand wash your clothes in cold water whenever possible. This reduces environmental impact and prolongs the life of your garments.
  • Avoid using a clothes dryer, as it can cause delicate items to fade and stretch. Instead, air-dry your clothes flat in the shade.
  • Not every wear requires washing. You can simply air them out outdoors to refresh them, reducing water consumption.
  • Avoid using a clothes dryer. You can lay your clothes flat on a surface or hang them on a clothesline to dry.
  • Instead of ironing, you can hang your clothes or expose them to steam during a shower to smooth out wrinkles.

Donation / Recycling

When you realize that you no longer wear certain clothes or they no longer fit you well, be willing to consider ways to repurpose them. You can donate your clothes to someone in need or to charitable organizations, or sell them on second-hand platforms, giving them a new life. Clothes you no longer wear can become indispensable to someone else. Just make sure that what you give is clean and in good condition, and don’t forget that whatever you give will come back to you as a good deed 😉

If your clothes cannot be repaired or worn anymore, we suggest considering giving them a chance for a new use. If you have crafting skills, you can definitely transform your clothes into beautiful objects. For example, you can make a cushion cover or use nature-inspired fabrics to create framed artwork, unleashing your creativity. If you have purchased a dress or a kimono from Chillax and it is too long, you can have it altered to create a new style for yourself. Another option is to take them to companies that collect clothes for recycling.

The simplest and most economical way to avoid harming the environment is to educate ourselves. Sometimes, unknowingly, we may choose things that can actually harm us. Being aware of what we purchase, what materials are used, where they are produced, and the social and environmental commitments of the brands we shop from is the best way to contribute to the care and preservation of our planet. Take the time to research and reduce our environmental footprint. And please, only buy the pieces you know you will wear and need <3

We’re not perfect, but we’re genuinely working hard, constantly researching, and striving to do better. As you continue to educate yourself about the inevitable resources and energy used to produce our designs, we want to be extremely transparent with you about the great things we are doing to reduce or offset our impact.

We love to hear your suggestions and are always excited to learn about what you pay attention to, what you’re passionate about, and what you seek in a brand. If you have any suggestions for something we can improve on, please feel free to reach out to us.